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After you have generate a good Town Hall 8 defense and also have your brand-new structures in position, Builders #3 and #4 can begin focusing on this second priority task list. Builder #1 follows shortly. Builder #2 will require quite some time to participate their list, considering that his tasks take some under 2 days to accomplish.

Stick to the tasks so as. Most of the jobs are restricted to 1 builder at any given time, after which the rest of the builders should move lower to another task. This really is denoted within the guide.

Observe that if you ever have sufficient Dark Elixir to begin the Barbarian King’s next upgrade, have the next free builder begin that upgrade like a main concern. You won't ever wish to take a seat on much Dark Elixir since it's just getting stolen through the opponent. When you hit level 10 around the Barbarian King, you can begin using spare Dark Elixir on research (it's very helpful to obtain Minions as much as level three or four if you possess the spare Dark Elixir - is useful at TH9).

Task #1. Upgrade New Towers (one day or fewer)

The very first order of economic is upgrading the completely new Wizard Tower, Archer Tower, and Air Defense tower through their early upgrades. This just references upgrades that take one day or fewer to accomplish. This can bring these new structures up to and including functional level and create a quick rise in defensive strength. We'll upgrade those to greater levels later.

Task #2. Add New Hidden Tesla Tower

After upgrading your brand-new towers through their first couple of levels, have a builder and add some new Hidden Tesla tower that grew to become offered at this level.

Task #3. Upgrade Air Defense Towers Individually

Upgrading several Air Defense tower at any given time leaves you very susceptible to air-based attacks, which become more and more common at Town Hall 8. Consequently, you need to upgrade only one Air Defense tower at any given time.

The Environment Defense tower not just takes extremely lengthy to upgrade, but doing this increases your defensive abilities considerably. Consequently, it's helpful to assign one builder to constantly concentrate on upgrading Air Defense towers until these structures are maxed.

Task #4. Put 1 Builder on Hidden Tesla Duty

Hidden Teslas take an very lengthy time for you to upgrade. Besides each upgrade have a lengthy time, however the level cap around the Hidden Tesla tower increases from three to six when going from Town Hall 7 to eight. While upgrading them isn't technically as essential as upgrading splash towers because the Mortar or Wizard Tower, should you disregard the Hidden Tesla completely, it'll decelerate the leveling process given how lengthy it requires to upgrade.

Going from level one to two takes 72 hours, from two to three takes 5 days, from three or four takes six days, from four to five takes eight days, and from five to six requires a whopping 10 days. Quite simply, your recently built Hidden Tesla tower will require 32 days to visit from level someone to the city Hall 8 cap of level six.

It is advisable to obtain a jump around the Hidden Tesla by upgrading early. You are able to likely achieve level 4 on the 3 Hidden Teslas when we achieve Task #7.

Task #5. Upgrade Mortars and Wizard Tower (Limit 1 of every)

While Builder #1 is on Air Defense duty and Builder #2 is on Hidden Tesla duty, your third and 4th builder can concentrate on upgrading your Mortars and Wizard Towers. You need to only upgrade 1 Mortar and 1 Wizard Tower at any given time upgrading a lot of Mortars or Wizard Towers at the same time can make you susceptible to attack. Upgrading these towers produces a big rise in defensive strength, but this is actually the earliest they can fit in given their relatively quick upgrade time in comparison towards the Air Defense and Hidden Tesla tower.

Task #6. Put 1 Builder on Barracks Duty

The very first builder that's free of the prior tasks is hereby designated to Barracks Duty. Change your Barracks, individually. It is advisable to only upgrade the Barracks individually so we don't drastically reduce your unit production (and therefore farming) abilities.

Even though it is no essential task, it's very convenient to achieve the elevated unit queue. Even when you won't ever (or rarely) intend on making P.E.K.K.As, I recommend maxing your Barracks.

Task #7. Upgrade Cannons, Archer Towers, and Hidden Tesla Towers

At this time, all free builders not devoted to a different task ought to be focusing on upgrading Cannons, Archer Towers, and Hidden Tesla Towers for their most. An order that you upgrade isn't terribly important - I'd worry much more about staggering your builder’s spare time so that you can change your walls instead of fretting about the particular building to upgrade.

Quite simply, don't have all 3 builders (presuming the first is still on Barracks Duty) begin upgrading the Hidden Teslas from level 5 to level 6. This could connect all 3 builders for ten days making it very difficult that you should spend excess sources on walls or Barbarian King upgrades. Rather, attempt to stagger your upgrades to ensure that a builder is originating free at least one time every 2-2.five days.

Task #8. Add Some Second Dark Barracks & Upgrade Both Dark Barracks

When you are completing the ultimate upgrades in your defensive structures, the very first two builders that release can start focusing on the two Dark Barracks. Build the brand new Dark Barracks and work at upgrading both to level 4.

I provide the Dark Barracks and it is upgrades a minimal priority at Town Hall 8 as I don't recommend using Dark Barracks models only at that level. Shiny things cost an excessive amount of Dark Elixir and Dark Elixir may be the restricting resource at TH8. It's simpler to simply use Dragons or Titans and Wizards like a power army.

Task #9. Start Town Hall 9

When the aforementioned upgrades are completed, you can begin focusing on Town Hall 9. In case your defensive towers are maxed and you're focusing on level 4 of the Dark Barracks, you can begin Town Hall 9. You don't have to sit down there and wait for a Dark Barracks to complete upgrading.

If for whatever reason you arrived to Town Hall 8 without everything at their maximum and you've got structures that aren't at their maximum at this time (apart from Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Walls), please maximize these structures before upgrading TH9.

Task #10. Upgrade Traps, Walls, Gold Mines, and Elixir Collectors

While working towards Town Hall 9, you are able to focus on upgrading your traps, walls, Gold Mines, and Elixir Collectors. You don't have to maximize your traps before beginning TH9, however your three free builders likely will have the ability to maximize the amount of your traps (or come very close) given how lengthy the TH9 upgrade takes.

You don't need to maximize your walls to upgrade to Town Hall 9. Actually, I would suggest not waiting whatsoever for walls. Walls only create a modest rise in defensive strength. It's simpler to collect sources at Town Hall 9 than at Town Hall 8, so there's no reason in waiting as lengthy because the relaxation of the structures are set to their maximum level. Should you be diligent in farming, your walls ought to be level 7 at this time, but level 8 walls aren't needed to visit Town Hall 9